The Dragon's Dive

Dragons Fighting For Peace!
Mateus Shirogane Ward 6, Plot 7


The Dragon's Dive Company is located in Shirogane Ward 6, plot 7. We have many opportunities for character growth, roleplay and fun for members inside the company and out. Please join our discord if you'd like to get started. Click the Discord button down below.

Out of Character [OOC]

The Dragon’s Dive is a heavy roleplay free company, located in Shirogane. We are a family, built on respect and friendship with maybe a tiny dash of salt. We formed in January 2019 and have been going strong since. We casually do content by request, except maps. Voice chat is not a requirement, but it is very active. Even if you join muted, it helps us give much needed information out faster than typing. Don't be a stranger.

The company has events planned out on a monthly calendar. Our storyline is written and directed in three sections: Aetherical Research, Mercenary and Stealth. Each mission involves Dragons and Freelancers completing a goal to help make the world a better place. Our campaigns usually last a couple of months, depending on the Lead running them and are easy to join at any time. Being a Chaotic Good company, players can expect that some choices will have consequences. Players are expected to play their characters to the fullest, but this does not mean that there will be sunshine and rainbows all the time. Players are encouraged to keep it in character and not let it bleed out of character. Keep in mind the company has rules against certain acts. It will be up to the player to figure out how to still contribute to the company if they break the rules. See Rules for more details.

Members are required to complete the application before they receive their interview by the leader of the area they wish to join. Everyone is required to come to one of each mission of the three section, [Research, Mercenary and Stealth] and 1 social night hosted by us before becoming an official member. This must be done within the first month of you joining. It’s really easy to do with two of each event per month and four socials. We are flexible; talk to us if this might be a struggle.

Freelancers - Out of company crew

If you belong to another company, you are still welcome to join us on missions as a freelancer. It works if a Lead is in need of a few extra hands, the Freelancer can agree to sign up for the job. Freelancers will be welcome to join our linkshell and discord to find out about these potential jobs. Gil is in character only.

In Character [IC]

Once formerly a Tavern, the Dragon’s Dive has changed and for the better. Building on its Eastern routes, it offers comfortable seating for sake and tea, a sparring room and a well-equipped library and infirmary for those interested in those fields. The once hidden work of Mercenary and Stealth has now been brought to the open. Job seekers can clearly see a message; “Join us for work.”

Mercenaries are run by Captain Ghimhaerz Herlwahtsyn with two lieutenants: Astrid Silverblood and Tadashi’li Betwanhe. Together, divided into two teams, they help keep the streets safe. The largest group of the company, the mercs keep strong with sparring nights and maybe a bit of brandy. Another group is our Stealth group run by Timotheos Tsal. The scouts often help out the Mercs by racing ahead and finding information out for them. Whether it is hiding in plain sight or sneaking around; they keep the peace from the shadows around. Lastly our Aetherical Research team is in charge of healing, research into magic. They are run by Anipuma Shadowtail, who works hard to keep us alive.

Once a week we open our Company out to the community showcasing one of the many fields we have to offer and a little bit of fun. Please come on out and enjoy it. Our Mercenaries are in charge of our sparring nights, our scouts run our bar games and our ART team opens the apothecary/library to the public. Click on Social below. [Currently Closed for the Holidays]

Our Social Events

What we offer!

Our Company House is open to our community, with events running on Wednesdays. Each Wednesday runs on a four week schedule. If you are wondering what we are running that week please click on the calendar button above!

Sparring - week 1

Run by our mercenary crew, this event is jammed pack with gentle blows and a test of skill. Contact us ahead of time if you wish to participate. It's a one on one fight between two people. Bar will be open as well for those wanting a drink afterwards.

Apothecary - Week 2

Our Apothecary and Infirmary, run by the ART crew, is open to the public to help assist the community in healing needs. They also talk about the study of magic. This is located in our basement. Stop by to use one of our many books and enjoy the comforts of tea upstairs.

Relaxation & Performance - week 3

Relaxing is an art. Come stop by to relax in one of two amazing hot tubs. Maybe catch a performance or two at the bar. Our bar and bath will be open this night. Swing by for a nice evening to chat and hang out.

Bar & Games - week 4

This is a fun take on the usual bar scene where we play some games and have some drinks. Drinking games, games to get into trouble and maybe some magic tricks by our Scouts. Come by for a lot of fun and give your support.

General Rules

To continue supporting a relaxed, laid back environment; we ask guests to support us in these house-keeping rules. Failure to follow them will result in either being asked to leave or a GM will be involved. ((In Character Consequences will happen if your character chooses to disrupt/cause grief and ignore us when we ask them to stop. If we cannot approach you IC about it, or have tried multiple times to get you to stop, than it could be considered griefing and taken up with our Game's GMs!))

1. If a fight is about to happen you will be asked to leave the premise. What happens outside the bar is none of our concern. Feel free to use the lawn as you seem fit.

2. Ask ahead of time if you wish to perform/join the game. Give them a OOC heads up if you will join them or interrupt their show. We do allow people to perform on our stage!

3. Keep your clothes on. There are plenty of 18+ venues you can take advantage of on the server. Ours is not one of them.

4. Stay off our Tables and Bar and equipment

5. Disrespect is unwelcome. We are perfectly fine with showing you the door if it will please you more. If it's not your cup of tea or you wish to submit a complaint; ask to speak with a lead and we will listen

Combat System

The Dragon's Dive Combat System

Our Combat System is an easier to understand D&D 5E flare. If you have any questions: ask your DM!

Our little community enjoys adding a little flare to our combat and fighting system. Not only does it make the jobs seem more immersive, it allows you; the player, to come up with interesting ideas to overcome boundaries. Well let’s get you started in stats and information.


We roll our attacks, searching, persuasions, ect using /random. It will generate a number from 1-999. To make it simple we just use the First number and ignore the rest. That first number becomes your attack roll, your save roll and your general roll for everything we do story wise! There is no defense rolls in this combat format; as it is already assumed in your HP. Don't worry it is very rare for a person to experience a total 0 HP knockout. See healer to see what you can do if this happens to you.

Save checks can be rolled as well. Our DM can take the following information and make it harder for you to roll saves or check depending on how hard it is to achieve. Below is just a guideline:

Save Checks Guide
0 - Crit fail
1 - 3 - fail
4 - 6 - slight success
7 - 8 - Good roll
9 - Crit Success

If you roll a 9 during a search and said items are not in the location, it does not mean you automatically find it. You just know damn sure that it’s not there.

Stat Bonus

Everyone gets a stat bonus for the class they bring with them. Class bonus is determined by which class you show up with. These bonuses only work out of combat. It is to the discretion of the GM whether or not you are successful; as some things may be more complicated to find or attack than others.

Warrior - Con/Str
Dark Knight - Con/Str
Paladin - Con/Str
Gunbreaker - Con/Str
White Mage - Mind
Scholar - Mind
Astrologian - Mind
Monk - Str
Dragoon - Str
Samurai - Str
Ninja - Dex
Bard - Dex
Machinist - Dex
Dancer - Dex
Black Mage - Int
Red Mage - Int
Summoner/Arcanist - Int

These effect:

Acrobatics (Dex)
Animal Handling (Mind)
Arcana (Int)
Athletics (Str)
Deception (Int)
History (Int)
Insight (Mind)
Intimidation (Str)
Investigation (Int)
Medicine (Mind)
Nature (Int)
Perception (Mind)
Performance (Int/Dex) [Depends if throwing knives or playing music]
Persuasion (Mind/Dex) (so bards can be bards)
Religion (Int)
Sleight of Hand (Dex)
Stealth (Dex)
Survival (Mind)


Everyone rolls initiative. You can be as creative as you want with your attacks but you won’t be beheading anyone until they drop to 0 HP. So you need to rp that you are going to make an attack and then roll or roll ahead then make your attack.

Tanks are given 20Hp
Melee/Physical Ranged are given 15 Hp
Casters/Healers are given 10 Hp

Attacks and Initative:
As you attack you will let us know what your attack is and /random. If you get /478 you have rolled a 4 damage so the person would subtract 4 from their health. Players cannot be killed. They will be knocked unconscious. So you don’t have to worry about remorts with your pc. If you roll a 0 it is a critical miss where your character can find themselves in a sticky situation. If you roll a 9 it is a critical hit and you instead deal 10 damage to the opponent.

Healing is rolled for the same as Attacks. Your healing must be said to the GM and it takes up your combat for the round. If you roll a 9 you heal for 10 instead. Aoe healing is the same as below, however, you are healing instead of attacking. Healing someone who is knocked out will require the healer to roll a crit /9 before the player is raised with 1 HP left. The healer will have to await their next turn before they can heal them even more.

Aoe Healing and Attacking:
Aoe’s can happen as we have black mages and the like. In this version you will roll for aoe. The total number you roll will be divided damage among the amount of targets you want to hit. For example if you roll 8 damage and you are trying to hit 3 targets you will do 3 damage to 2 targets and 2 damage to 1 target.

Custom Classes:
Custom classes are on a case by case matter and should be discussed with the Leaders ahead of the game. Most people interested in this would like to cross class. To keep the game fair and even, you will choose a soul crystal to pick as your one soul crystal. Each ability done outside of your class will be without a soul crystal and slightly lower due to not being able to retain all of the information you will need to activate those abilities. Abilities done without the soul crystal will be a -2 disadvantage from your original roll. Healing classes can only cross with healing classes and the same goes for DPS melee/ranged, Caster and Tank. To keep the HP fair, you will take the HP of the class with the least amount. We also understand Healers will like to buff as well. Again we welcome the cross class to bard, but you will not be able to shoot out arrows. Instead you will sing songs to improve, heal, strengthen, ect. Keep in mind that you will be buffing them at the -2 disadvantage as well.

Minions fighting in combat will take up your entire action to order and coordinate them properly. With their small legs and paws they will be at absolute disadvantage taking 1/2 of the points away from the roll to the highest number. Therefore if you roll a 3 your minion will attack for 2. If you roll a crit 10 than your minion will only do 5 points of damage.

Combat Disclaimer

Sometimes we may make calls that are just to move and progress the story. If there is a call on which you do not agree with you may discuss it with us after the event. Please do not do this during. Listen to your leads and maybe we can adjust for the next event.

Contact Information

Head of House

Sable Toft' - Owner of Company [Discord: Sable#0971]
Timothesos Tsal - [Discord: Smyth#1568]

Lead of Mercenaries


Ghimhaerz Herlwahtsyn (Ghim) - [Discord: Ghim#2946]


Tadashi'li Betwanhe - [Discord: WinsomeWhelp#6274]
Astrid Silverblood - [Discord: LadyofShadows#1503]

Lead(S) of Stealth


Timothesos Tsal - [Discord: Smyth#1568]

Team Lead:


Lead of Aetherical Research

Anipuma Shadowtail - [Discord: Anipuma#1163]

Social Advisor

Rikku Lionheart - [Discord: Rikku#3314]


If you have any problems, please note that you can seek out Leaders if Head of House is otherwise busy. Please feel free to keep us posted on the progress of any situation. You will be encouraged to bring any issues up with the person involved, as we believe proper communication helps the situation.

OOC Rules

In General

1. Respect everyone - Everyone plays this game to have fun. We want to make sure that everything from FC chat is respectful and fun for all to enjoy. Absolutely no discrimination is allowed. Think before you post. If it could be about a sensitive subject; please try to avoid it.

2. NSFW is not allowed - Please keep our discord and FC Chat SFW! ERP must be done in the privacy of your own linkshells, member owned rooms ((Not officers: if we are using it for public use)) and locked/party chats. We are realistic and understand everyone has different rp needs, however, we don't want to see it. Also please do not take pictures that are modded without the consent of others. This constitutes as harassment as well and will not be tolerated.

3. 90 Day Activity Rule - Members will have 90 days to be active again or show that they are online. This includes actively joining events. The expectation is that you are participating with us. I can understand the odd event but 90 days gone and you will be required to rejoin the FC. ((If you get kicked it’s not like you cannot rejoin us again. You are welcome to rejoin us when time allows you too.))

4. No Drama - This includes witch hunting, fc bashing and the like. I know not every fc is perfect and we welcome everyone from afar to join us. If in character just mention your company needs have changed so you have moved.

5. All Wyrmlings must attend one of each Story Event and a social event within their first month of joining or be removed from the FC. They also must fill out our application before the IC Interview. We are understanding to scheduling on this but this is in place for you to experience all that we have to offer here in the company. Keep in mind, we are an active FC and activity in our rp events is expected.

6. We will be keeping 1 Main character and 1 Alt character in total in our FC. This is for organizational purposes and to make it easier on the leads and myself to keep track of everyone in the FC. Please write the name of your Main in your Alt's short message.

7. Please have fun! This is most important. Contact us or your Leaders if you need help filling out our character sheets and understanding our table top method. We are here to help and many of us love to talk about rp and characters. If you find verbal easier we can help with that as well in our FC Hub.

Campaign & Roleplay

1. Be respectful at an event. Character drama is expected at our events but sometimes we have to keep the event moving for time restrictions. Listen to your GM's they make final calls. If you have a problem we can discuss it after the event and make the changes then. Try to make it on time. If you will be late contact the Leader who is running it.

2. IC Drama stays in character. If you are particularly confused by something please seek that person out and ask to clarify. Talking things out OOCly may make it easier to understand the person behind the character. Best to be open and honest; especially with in character romances and rp partners.

3. FC Courtesy. Please respect that the free company house is a roleplay hub and that OOC chat can make it difficult for people to roleplay. Try to create a happy medium. If you wish to have an OOC conversation please do so outside or in party chat if you can.

4. God modding/Meta-gaming is not allowed. If you don't know it in character, you don't know it. Try not to use any information that you don't know in character. God-modding is the act of making your character unbeatable or basically overpowered. You get 1 soul crystal that you know. As for personal history, please keep it reasonable. According to our rules if your HP drops to 0 your character is unconscious so please keep this in mind. This applies for any fights or challenges to keep it reasonable and fair for fighting.

5. Due to the nature of our RP storyline events, we ask that all characters be over the age of 18 if they wish to participate. This rule does not include Tavern Night, or other casual RP.

6. There is no opt-out of story option for FC Members. This is an RP based company that dives heavily in a campaign. You are expected to ICly 'work' for the company and participate. Everyone is expected to have a job within the company. If it doesn't suit your character; you might need to consider a different company that better suits your needs.

7. Missing a Story event requires you to tell us ICly what your character is doing. To avoid meta-gaming your character you will have to fill out a report in #reports and then use ser aymeric bot to roll a dice. [?roll1d20] 15+ is great success, 10 -15 is alright, 5-10 is with difficulty and 0-5 is a fail.


1. Please change your Discord name to match your Character's name so we can tell who you are on this server. Failure to do so will mean we change the name for you or you can rejoin.

2. Please see Characters and post the information required. We use this information for story purposes and they are only known OOCly. We may ask you for more details to add to the Free Company storyline.

3. Private Channels Are for Private Time - Ask before joining that channel. People might still want to be in discord, but prefer to have some private time with a friend. Maybe they had a bad day. Please leave them be.

IC Rules

In Character Rules
[The following will put your character in a situation where under reasonable circumstances you’d be arrested and or fired from the job. Although OOCly it doesn’t affect you; you will be required to find a way to continue to be active members of the company if you break one of these rules.]

Grounds for Immediate Termination:

Murder/extreme crime ((Rape, Attempted Murder, Abandoning friends to die)) will have you fired and arrested. Your character will undergo trial and if found guilty will be exiled from the Dragon’s Dive Company. [OOC: There is no making this disappear. You're character will not be able to participate.]

Grounds for 3 write ups until Termination:

1. Thievery against fellow co-workers - keep your hands out of your friend’s pockets. That’s what the outside is for.
2. Starting a Fight without the Captain/Lieutenant present for safe sparring or fighting inside and not using proper sparring room.
3. Threats of any kind against your fellows.
4. Destruction of property.
5. Disobeying direct orders from superiors.
6. Jeopardizing plans that keep fellow Merc and Stealth safe.
7. Arrest warrants of any kind. - You represent the company’s good moral beliefs. You will be reminded of this.
8. Disobeying Healer/Doctor’s orders to keep you alive.

Roleplay Information

You, the player, are in charge of deciding how and why your character chooses to show up. You know best. Leaders can offer up suggestions and information regarding to modular and generally to help you, but your character is your character and only you know your character best. If you feel that your character would not do something: Let us know; however, GM's can make the call to side line your character if there is no other option available.

Feel free to ask us for ideas. We welcome any ideas you wish to share especially with your own story. You must be prepared to direct your own story to follow what you have in mind.

You do not have to be a member to make suggestions or participate. We ask that you respect the rules while you join us and respect the individuals you are with. If someone is breaking the rules and you wish to report it; contact us immediately. Members and non members alike are all treated with the same dignity and respect as noted in the rules above.